Android L Rumors

android l

Google’s latest OS update that is Android L 5.0 will now run on mobiles, tablets and smartwatches too. This was announced in Google I/O 2014 developers conference around June. There are many rumors about the name of the OS that will be succeeding Kitkat version. Two names have been into news, one is Android 5.0 Lemon Meringue and other one is Android Lion under the collaboration of nestle. But still there is no confirmation yet.

Microsoft Acquires Minecraft for $2.5 Billion


Microsoft Acquires Minecraft for $2.5 Billion, the news is confirmed and the creator of Minecraft confirmed that Minecraft has been sold to Microsoft. He also confirmed that the deal was made in $2.5 Billion. This news was quite shocking and most people weren’t able to understand why such drastic change of events took place.

What to buy IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 Plus?

iphone 6

Apple recently launched IPhone 6, well actually its two different variants. Now most folks must be thinking, what’s the real difference between the two. Another tough question would be What to buy IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 Plus? Well in this post I will try to make the difference between the two variants clear. If you missed the Apple’s launch event then you can read my post on Apple’s latest IPhone 6 launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Earlier this month Samsung announced the launch of Note 4. Note 4 succeeds Samsung’s previous Note 3 continuing with its big display. Samsung’s Note series became popular because of its screen size, people want a phone that can function like a tablet and yet fit in their pockets. Here in this post I am going to write about the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 

Windows 9 Rumors

Windows 9 rumors

Windows 9 is considered to be one of the most significant software releases in the history of Microsoft. There are many things on which Microsoft will work on but among these things the main challenge is to sort out Windows 9 “Start Menu”, but no doubt this is not the only challenges on which they are working. There are also discussions regarding the issues of how Microsoft will release and sell Windows 9. As a final point, Microsoft’s desire for Windows 9 is seemingly that it requires an “extremely personal, comprehensively human way of functioning and operating”.

IPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

iphone 6 vs galaxy s5

IPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5, the competition began when Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The latest Apple release made everyone stand on their toes, and got people thinking about which smartphone they should buy. Which is better iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5?  I have compiled some basic comparisons between these two smartphone which might help you decide which phone is best for you.

Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch

moto smartwatch

Finally Motorola’s extremely awaited round Android smartwatch is endeavoring to travel yonder its geek stage and appeal to mainstream watch customers. The amazing Moto 360 structures a round shaped screen with metal case and with fine leather band or strip that resembles more like a hefty high end watch rather than a creative piece of machinery technology.

4.93 Million Google Accounts Hacked

google hacked

Recently another hacking event took place and this time the target was Google, the Email IDs and passwords of about 4.93 million Google accounts hacked, and the passwords were leaked by Russian Hackers. First Apple’s iCloud and now such a massive number of Google accounts, these events pose a simple question in everyone’s mind, are our accounts safe?

Apple launches Apple Watch

apple watch

Apple launches Apple Watch, which was very much awaited. Though its terminology has been altered, but if you saw the launching video then you might know about the watch very well, and no doubt Tim Cook got a standing ovation for such an amazing launch.

Apple Launches iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 6

The much awaited iPhone 6 is finally launched. Yes its true, Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus yesterday. Apple took the curtains off and revealed iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the 4.7” and 5.5” variants. After all the rumours about the launch, iPhone 6 has finally come out, and this time Apple has made it better than ever.


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