How to Download APK From Google Play to Computer

Download apk

Google play has a lot of fantastic apps but they can only be downloaded from smartphones,sometimes we don’t have our smartphones or we want to download applications on our computer rather than our mobiles.

Since Google play doesn’t provide the option to download apk file to computer so we have to look for alternate ways. So in this post I will be discussing about how to download apk from google play to computer.

How to Increase Battery Backup in Android

android battery life

Smartphones have become a crucial and integral part of our lives these days and we can’t think of going out without them. The biggest problem with them is their low battery backup. Everyone at some point in time faces a problem of running out on battery. So, in this post I will be discussing some of the basic tricks that would help you increase your smartphone’s battery backup time.

How is Android Better than iOS

android eating ios

Android and iOS are both very popular and efficient operating system for mobiles and tablets these days. When we talk about smartphone industry Android and iOS as seen as rivals. Here in this post I will discuss how is android better than iOS. I am not such a big Android fan but i see Android much better than iOS and i will have to provide some proof to support my statement. So lets find out how is android better than iOS.

5 Cool VLC features

VLC cone with specs

VLC is one of the most popular and dominant open source media player that has tons of features and it can nearly play every media file type. VLC is compatible with every operating system including Linux, Windows etc. Today, InternetWarZ shares 5 cool VLC features that you probably don’t know.

How to Make Money with Your Website

how to earn money with your website

Making money from your website can be very easy if you know the right way to monetize your website according to your site’s niche. Here in this post I am writing 6 easiest ways that will show you how to make money with your website, depending upon your site’s niche you can choose the method that would work for you the best:


Google AdSense Alternatives

adsense alternatives

As we all know, getting google adsense approval for your website is difficult as Google AdSense has very strict rules that they want their publishers to follow.

Now you might be wondering how could you possibly make money If your website didn’t get approved by Google AdSense.

Is Your Website Ready For AdSense Approval

google adsense approval

This is one of the most asked questions by bloggers, a lot of people don’t know when their site is ready and would get accepted by adsense.

There are certain things that would decide whether or not your website will get accepted by adsense. You just have to ask yourself the following questions and you yourself will come to know whether or not your site is ready for adsense.

How To Prevent Your Adsense Account From Getting Blocked

adsense account disabled

Lots of Google AdSense accounts are getting blocked because of some reason or the other. It seems that preventing your AdSense account from getting blocked is a big hustle, but if you keep some things in mind then you might be able to prevent your AdSense account from getting blocked. In this post I will discuss how to prevent your adsense account from getting blocked.

Google takes invalid click activity very seriously and will disable your account if it finds these activities on your account. Keeping the following points in mind, you will prevent your AdSense account from getting blocked.

How to make money on youtube complete guide

Youtube Money Making

There are many ways of earning money on the internet and youtube is one of them. I personally believe that youtube is the most convenient way of making money. I have used youtube for making money for quite some time now and have made some good amount of money out of it.

Videos restricted on youtube

videos restricted on youtube

There are restrictions on what videos you can upload on youtube, your video must comply with youtube privacy policy terms. 

Youtube takes these policies very seriously and if you fail to abide by them, then youtube can suspend your youtube account/channel or in worst cases your adsense account.

In this article I will discuss about the videos that you cannot upload on youtube.