Samsung’s Smartwatch Powered with Tizen OS

samsung's tizen powered smartwatch

SmartWatches are becoming the latest trend these days, people have started loving these smart watches and its popularity is growing gradually. Samsung the leading smartphone manufacturer is doing quite well in making smart watches and now yet again they have come up with a new Smartwatch that would be powered by Tizen OS.

Intel fights Parkinson’s disease

Intel Fights Parkinson's Disease

Intel has always found the solution of any problem with the help of its advanced technology and this time Intel has decided to contribute in Parkinson’s disease research. Intel is now exploring the wearable devices that can be used for this research.

Moto G Vs Xiaomi Mi 3 – The Battle Begins

mi3 vs moto g

Smartphones are evolving day by day, with thousands of smartphones to choose from most users are unable to decide that which smartphone they should purchase. Recently Moto G and Xiaomi have captured a lot of market and their sales are of the charts. So today I am going to talk about Moto G Vs Xiaomi Mi 3.

Intel Inside Your Headphones

intel headphones

Intel has always tried to develop something interesting and it always finds the solution to any problem through implementation of highly advanced technology. Intel is mainly known for its high processing chips like i-3, i-5 etc. But this time Intel is really planning for something very different. Intel is now stepping into the world of music. Now Intel inside your headphones will develop the smart headphones that will take care of the health of the user who is using that headphone.

How to recover Facebook messages

recover facebook deleted messages

Sometimes we delete our Facebook messages, photos accidentally or intentionally and later we realise that we made a mistake and we want them back but can’t get it. So in this post I will tell you how to recover Facebook messages. It is a very simple way in which you can retrieve deleted messages from Facebook.

Flipkart May Face Rs 1,000 Crore Fine

Flipkart Fine

India’s online mega store Flipkart is accused of violating FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act). As per the norms of FEMA Flipkart may face Rs 1,000 crore fine.

How to Fix Bluestacks Graphics Driver Issues

fix bluestacks graphic driver error

Hi guys many of you would have used bluestacks and you might have got a graphic driver error, today we will learn how to fix and resolve bluestacks graphics driver issue that occurs while we are installing the bluestacks software on our computer. This issue arises with mostly windows users. So let’s begin.

Forgot Android Pattern/Password

forgot password

Android phones have become very popular these days. Almost everyone has an android device. To make these devices secure people protect them with passwords and patterns. But what will happen if you forget your password or pattern? So in this post I will discuss some of the ways in which you can recover your device’s password/pattern.

Recover Deleted Files Using Data Recovery Software

Data Recover

Now a day’s data is very important to each and every one of us. Data may be in any form such as movies, pictures etc. Data is everywhere and even we deal with data in everyday life. The real problem arises when we lose our data, this might be because of hardware failure or due to accidental deletion. To deal with this problem there are various data recovery software available on the internet. Today in this post I am going to discuss about the few best data recovery software based on my personal experience.

Minimize Data Usage on Pc/Smartphone

minimize data usage

Now-a-days many people use limited data plans i.e. they get a certain amount of data usage and after that they get charged heavily by their service providers. Most of the times the data limit is exceeded and then comes the real problem, How to control exceeding data limit. In this post I have compiled few tricks by which you can minimize data usage on pc/smartphone when you are on a limited data plan.